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The New Moon

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The New Moon is around the corner. I posted back in May about the dark moon, and figured it was about time I moved into sharing some information about the new moon. For a lot of people, the dark moon period and the new moon period gets combined. I see a distinct difference, however. The dark moon is when the sun’s illumination of the moon is at 0%. There’s no light. The new moon is the first glimpse of the sun’s light returning. I tend to use the new moon energy starting on the day the first sliver of light returns, and for about 3 days after.

Whereas the dark moon is about rest and reflection, this is the time to create your visions, setting your new intentions and goals. It is the beginning of a new cycle and when you should be bringing focus and awareness on your intentions and allowing yourself to create what you dream about. It’s the best time for projects, goals and objectives to be viewed with a fresh perspective before the work begins.

Vision Boards, something to do on a new moon!

The new moon is a good time to plant the first seeds of your goals. One of the first things I like to do when I use the moon as a guide is to start at the new moon, and begin to visualize my goals. I don’t visualize how I’m going to get it done- that’s later. I set my intention by visualizing success. I see myself with the crown of my victories. These can be little things, or big things, things that can be more than one cycle. I am telling the Universe what I want with these visualizations.

It’s not just the visualization either. I see my goals clearly, and I feel the joy of achieving them. There is no how spelled out, only that I was successful. Again, the how will come- that’s for the next part of the moon cycle.

This is a good period to journal. Sit down, seeing yourself achieving whatever it is you wish to achieve. Answer the following questions, and do it writing the answers in first person.

  • What is your wish, or goal?

  • What does it feel like to achieve this goal or attain this wish?

  • What will your day look like once your intention has manifested? Even go as far as writing an hour by hour account of your day.

  • What do you look like physically once your intention has manifested? Is there a change?

  • How do you think and act after your intention has manifested?

  • Why do you deserve to receive or achieve this goal?

  • Why are you certain this intention is on its way to you?

New Moon Tarot Spread

It’s also a good time to use your divination whether this be tarot, oracle cards, ogham, or runes. I use tarot combined with oracle cards most often. You can find good spreads on Instagram or create your own if nothing resonates with you. I created this one to help guide me, and I hope it helps you as well.

And finally, one of my favorite things to do is a new moon ritual followed by a new moon bath.

Start by preparing yourself a sacred space where you will perform the ceremony when the new moon arrives. This is highly personal, and I suggest trusting your instincts and intuition here. Do what feels right to you.

  1. Cleanse your sacred area. Use some herbs that work well with the new moon’s energy. One example might be lavender (for harmony and alignment), pine (for new beginnings), and rosemary (for protection and purification)

  2. Light one or more candles. Choose a color that resonates with you, or just white for beginnings. Consider creating a crystal grid with citrine for new beginnings, attracting abundance, wealth, success and prosperity, moonstone for promoting creativity, intuition, peace and tranquility), and rose quartz for amplifying creativity, imagination, and promoting self love as well as empathy for others).

  3. Center yourself in whatever way is appropriate for you. Take some deep cleansing breaths, turn on some relaxing music to listen to, and/or sip on a cup of relaxing herbal tea. (Recipe below, I don't remember where I got this, but I wrote it down a long time again, and it's pretty good! Play with your teas!)

  4. Begin writing down your desires in a journal. Be sure to date it! Try not to limit yourself- you can write down one thing, or fill several pages worth of things. Don’t feel bad if it seems a lot- if it helps you create a fulfilling life, it’s good! Just make sure they are things that really help, and not things that will weigh you down.

  5. Now close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to accomplish your goals and your desires. Don’t focus on the “wanting” part though- what you want to do is focus on the feelings as if you have already achieved these moments and your goals. The joy, the happiness, the feelings of success and fulfillment. You want to picture what all that feels like.

New Moon Tea blend

Some people use a journal dedicated to strictly new moon energy. In it, you can also use it to create a manifestation scrapbook. Draw, or glue in pictures of the things that you are wanting to manifest. It’s actually a lot of fun. I have some very simple ones, and also some very complex ones.

You can end your ritual with a new moon ritual bath. This is really simple- just take your intentions that you wrote down, and fill your tub with water. I like to light a small tealight, but honestly, you don’t need to do that. I also like to add some pink Himalayan salt and some essential oils (lavender, lemon, etc) or just a go full on with a bath bomb or bubble bath. Get in and relax. Continue with visualizing your intentions, or even at this point, start to visualize your energy being strengthened and renewed as a way to prepare for the work ahead. It’s honestly one of the best feelings, and I almost always come out refreshed and restored.

New Moon work is probably the easiest part. Not only do I use it for my personal work, but it's a great time to begin a devotional work with deity. Whether it be a good time to start a new relationship with a new or unfamiliar deity, or good marker to begin a new devotional routine, the energy is there to be carried for easier manifestation and a guide. But perhaps that's a whole other blog post!

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