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Spiritual Companionship

My name is Sionainn (pronounced Shannon) and I am currently enrolled in the Spiritual Direction Certification program with Cherry Hill Seminary. During the second year of the course, we work with three people, for free, as a practicum.

Spiritual Direction is spiritual companionship- the meeting, sharing and witnessing of spiritual journey work and spiritual exploration.

I prefer the term spiritual companionship because I’m not here to direct you in anyway. I’m here to listen, to witness, and to share your journey. There is no goal, no fixing, and I'm not here to give a "how to" lesson or provide an instruction manual. If I did have a goal, as a spiritual companion, it is to fan the flames of your spiritual passions, and to go further into the Sacred.

Sessions will include a lot of talking on your part, sacred silence, meditation and journey work, prayer (if welcome) and whatever else the spirits move us to do. This can include art and movement, various forms of "divina" and experiencing The Gods as they will it. You can also get more information on my blog post here.


We will meet once a month over Zoom, with an option for in-person for anyone local.


If you are interested in meeting with me for a session, please contact me through this form! I will send you a link to my spiritual direction calendar to schedule an appointment with you at your convenience. I look forward to working with you.


If have questions, feel free to send me an email at

Topics and Questions


Journaling is one of my most frequent tools that I use in my own practice, and something I encourage everyone to use. It has so many uses, from dream journals, to shadow work, to bullet journaling in order to keep track of all our day to day stuff! You might say that sessions will always have homework, because I'll be asking you to journal everything!

What is Spiritual Companionship?

Read my blog post about what Spiritual Companionship is!

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