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Spiritual Companionship


Spiritual companionship is the meeting of two souls, one who creates a sacred place for witnessing, and the other who is there with an open heart and inquisitive spirit, seeking to explore and share their spiritual journey. Between them, you find the Sacred, however that is defined.


A Spiritual Companion is someone who creates that space. Someone who listens. Someone who can help deepen your spiritual connection, someone who can offer the simple act of listening.


Is Spiritual Companionship for you?


Is there a calling in your spirit for something deeper, more fulfilling relationship with something bigger than yourself?


Do you consider yourself spiritual rather than religious?

Do you find traditional religion does not resonate with who you are, or wish to be?


Do you simply wish to explore the road before you, or tools that might deepen your understanding of the Universe, your higher self or the spirits around you?


Do you want to find the mystery within, to help yourself grow, to heal your fractured soul? Do you wish to find a better way to carry life’s troubles?


Then spiritual companionship might be for you.


All are welcome who hold in their heart open to compassion, empathy and the world of the spiritual.


Spiritual companionship is a place for all, whether or not you are experiencing Tower time, or simply wanting someone to talk to about your spiritual experiences.



If you are interested in meeting with me for a session, please click on the contact me button below! I will send you a link to my spiritual direction calendar to schedule an appointment to meet on zoom together at your convenience. I look forward to working with you.


If have questions, feel free to send me an email at

If you are interested in group sessions, visit here!

Topics and Questions


Journaling is one of my most frequent tools that I use in my own practice, and something I encourage everyone to use. It has so many uses, from dream journals, to shadow work, to bullet journaling in order to keep track of all our day to day stuff! You might say that sessions will always have homework, because I'll be asking you to journal everything!


Another tool I like to invite others to use, either on their own, or in session is art. Art is divine flow, it is touching Shakti, the primordial creation energy and pouring it forth on paper and canvas with pens, paints, pencils. It is inviting Sacred to use us like a conduit, and creating something beautiful and profound. It is healing, it is focus. Art is it's own form of meditation.

What is Spiritual Companionship?

Read my blog post about what Spiritual Companionship is!

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