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The space between worlds

Sit comfortably and listen.


Spiritual Companion

The Divine, however you define it. Sacred Space. Love, compassion, empathy. Tears, grief, hurt. Nature, spirits, connection. These are all connected, all deeply experienced and a part of our human spirituality.

Where do you find that which you might call your God, Gods, Goddess, Universe, Spirit, Higher Self...what is bigger than yourself that you believe in?

Maybe you are deep into your journey already, Maybe you are a beginner, taking their first steps. Maybe it's Tower time for you, as your world crumbles, maybe you've entered a new phase of life. Maybe you are just curious, and seeking new wisdom.

Come explore you spiritual journey with me. Together, we can help you to develop your practice, find and utilize tools to deepen your connection to that which you hold sacred. Click here to learn more and book an appointment.

Sunset in the Woods

Not your Traditional Spirituality 

If there is Love, there's nothing wrong with how you see the Universe.

For some, religion and spirituality go hand in hand, but for many others, breaking free of religion has been the start of their spiritual journey. At your side, I will stand with you without judgement. If you have been hurt by traditional religion,know that this is a safe space.

It's also a safe place for POC, LGBTQ+ persons, neurodiverse peoples and folks of all religions and spiritual practices, as long as you are open to the beautiful diverse nature of spirituality.

I work on a heart-based pricing scheme- this is something we can work together on. Spiritual services shouldn't be limited to those who can afford it.

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Sacred Journeys, Shared.


Meet Sionainn McLean, MSW, CMC

I am a polytheist fire witch, devoted and dedicated to The Morrigan. I'm here to share this sacred journey with you.

Liminal Space


At a boundary or transitional point between two conditions, stages in a process, ways of life; The threshold between; The space between this world and the otherworld; somewhere between sacred and mundane

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If you're interested in spiritual care, drop me a message and we can arrange a chat. I aim to respond to messages within 48 hours where possible.

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