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Mission: My mission is to aid in self empowerment, provide inspiration and guidance on those seeking a spiritual path and to provide support and ministry to individuals, as well as to nurture spiritual growth in others. Finally, I hope to provide others with the tools and skills necessary to find a spiritual perspective and solution to problems within their lives.

Vision: A pagan spiritual approach to counseling and support that utilizes strengths, Divinity, and focuses on balance and the unique path that each of us walks.

I do my best to live and promote these values for myself personally and within my ministry:        

-Self Empowerment
-Connection with Deity
-Honoring the Divine within
-Honoring and respecting Nature and the spirits of the Land
-Honoring Ancestors
-Appreciating and supporting the diversity of humanity
- Standing against oppression, racism, homophobia and other forms of hate

About Liminal Raven Ministries

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