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Greetings! I'm Sionainn.


I'm the creator of Liminal Raven Ministries and a spiritual companion.

My name is Sionainn, pronounced Shannon. I spell it in an obscure Irish way to decolonise my name. My ancestors on my mother’s side were from County Cork, Ireland, and I am a part of the Irish-American diaspora. I’m a polytheist fire witch, pagan, and animist. While I don’t really like to assign labels to myself, I think it’s human nature to do so, to help us understand the world around us in relatable and identifiable categories. I’ve been on a pagan path for over 20 years. It’s been a crazy, yet fulfilling path, evolving and shaping me and the world as I see it. I live in central NY with my husband, 3 kids, cat and dog with a good sized garden.  


I graduated in 2004 with my Masters in Social Work, but opted a couple of years to start a family. I moved from Buffalo, NY to Central NY in 2009, and remained a stay at home mom. I started itching to return to work, but I wanted to do something I was passionate about. Still wishing to do counseling, I began to study in 2020 to get my Community Ministry Certificate with Cherry Hill Seminary- a degree created to help those wishing to serve the pagan community (or already serving) with ministry goals fill in the gaps that might exist. I also began the Spiritual Direction program there in 2021. I've since graduated from both programs, and am now working to develop spiritual programs for others.


I am a priestess of the Morrigan, and have been for around 5 years now. I’m ordained through Sacred Well Congregation though long before being ordained in a traditional or “official” sense, I could name others who have named me as a priestess and view my work as doing the big bad ass priestess work. My own UPG has included guidance and approval from my own Goddess. I am also trained for priest and oracle work within my community. I don't think I'll ever stop learning and growing- I have a deep passion for being a "forever student" of the Universe.


While spiritual care, and companionship are my focus, I also give workshops and classes, at events and online.


I believe in social justice, and support the fight against minority oppression. This includes trying to support Native voices, Black voices, Asian voices, Gay, Lesbian and Trans voices- just to name a few. I am anti-fascist, and believe our Gods had no designated color, nor do they care about human agendas regarding race, religion, sexuality, gender, or nationality. I do believe that what they care about is that we are decent to one another.


I’m a lifelong learner, and a believer in balance in all things, including our light and our dark. I love growing things, camping, sitting by a warm fire and having my barefoot touching the earth. I love to paint, and write as well.


Published Works

Editor and Author of Living in Magick: Stories of everyday Magick, Paganism and Witchcraft edited by Sionainn McLean and Deborah Meyerriecks

Contributor in the anthology Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan edited by Trista Hendren, Jess Johnson and Pat Daly "The Price of Answering Her Call"

Contributor in the anthology In Defiance of Oppression - The Legacy of Boudica edited by Trista Hendren, Joey Morris and Pat Daly "The Face of Defiance"

Contributor to the book Prayers to The Morrigan: An Illustrated Book of Devotion to The Great Queen by Stephanie Woodfield, Karen Storminger and Naomi Cornick (illustrator)

Contributor to the book Kali Rising: Holy Rage edited by C. Ara Campbell, Jaclyn Cherie, Pat Daly and Trista Hendren "Kali Screams"

Contributor to the book  Women's Sovereignty and Body Autonomy Beyond Roe v. Wade edited by Arlene Bailey, Pat Daly, Sharon Smith and Trista Hendren "

Contributor to the book  Pain Perspectives: Finding Meaning In the Fire edited by Kay Louise Aldred, Trista Hendren and Pat Daly "The Truth in Pain"

Journey into the Sacred with me

Spiritual Care

As a community minister, I gladly offer my services of pastoral and spiritual care to those seeking. You can schedule a session with me by clicking here, or get more information here!

Meditation and Ritual Creation

As a priestess, it is with an open heart that I share my meditations and rituals with others. I also offer personalized rituals and guided meditations to suit your many spiritual life needs.


I look forward to restrictions due to Covid-19 being lifted,  so that I can also offer services in person. From baby blessings, hand fasting and all things in life that call for deep emotion and love, we can work together to create something for you.

Liminal Space

A shore. The time between "now" and "next". Dawn and Twilight. Liminal space is transition, sometimes an awkward, or unsettled feeling between change or between worlds. Liminal space can be the that place between our world and the other world, a space between life and death. Exploring liminal space and sharing our experience to help understand is an important part of spiritual development practice. 

Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual Companionship is the meeting, sharing and witnessing of spiritual journey work and spiritual exploration. Visit me here to get more information, and schedule an appointment!


I participate in workshops and discussions,  as well as activities to help develop and promote your spiritual and personal development. Journaling and prompts, guided mediations and path working  and whatever else comes up!

Let’s Get in Touch

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