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Spiritual Care

When I started Liminal Raven Ministries last year, there was a definite unknown factor, one in which I knew would make me keep things flexible in order to adjust. There was terminology and experiences and perspective I needed to find. As a priestess, I knew the work I was called to do was in the realm of pastoral care. Only, for pagans and non-religious people, that word is heavy, thick with connotations that aren’t comfortable for a lot of people, including myself.

Like meditation and divination, running a business is a learning process.

It’s not that “pastoral” is bad. It’s the association that’s troublesome. Without intention and awareness, many will walk away from opportunities because of the subconscious ties to the past to that word. For the religiously abused, anything that can remind them of that abuse is a trigger. One of the reasons I use the term priestess instead of priest is because for my own history, priest equals Catholic priest, something I don’t want to be associated with.

The same can be said about the word counseling. Now, I am able to counsel- my education includes a masters in social work. But counseling was not exactly what I was going for. At the time, it was the only word I could think of- my goal was to work with those seeking solace and comfort, as well as assurance on their spiritual journeys, particularly during tumultuous times. It was, in a form, problem solving and facing personal issues, but it was not on a professional level that is associated with the term.

Our spirits need a little bit more care than a plant! But it will grow just as beautifully.

That’s why, after taking some time to really go through what I do with my clients, I opted to drop the term “spiritual counseling” and go with “Spiritual Care” or soul care. For me, that drops the “professional” connotation of psychology, and implies more of what a ministerial service should be. Getting together and working on the caring- that is the nurturing, tending and loving- of the spiritual side of my client. Spiritual care involves exploring your spirituality, doing shadow work, defining what moves your spirit and what is Sacred and Divine to you. Our spirits need nourishing, no matter the experience, age and maturity. Soul care is for beginners, and old souls, the novice and the master.

That’s the first transformation that Liminal Raven Ministries will be undergoing this year. I’m entering my internship period with Spiritual Direction as well, and by this time next year, I will be taking clients for that service- although starting next month, I'll be taking 3 pro-bono clients as a part of an internship for the program. I'll have more details about that coming soon. Other services coming will include blessings- baby, youth, marriage, transition, divorce, and funeral. I hope to continue with classes and workshops- both in persona and at retreats.

I also hope to work as a heart-based business, allowing my clients to pay me what they deem my services worth. While I have prices on services, those prices are guidelines. I completely understand financial struggle, and at no point would I want to price someone out of something they needed. All I need from my clients is honesty- if you can’t afford the help you need, reach out, and we can make arrangements. No judgement- I've been there! I believe that people should be paid for their time and skill set- and I work to be worthy of that price tag.

I give thanks to my Goddess, The Morrigan.

I’m so grateful to those who support me- not just clients, but those in my life who cheer me on, give me advice and help me sort out my thoughts and problems. My friends who give me constructive criticism, and those that share my vision. I am grateful to the Gods that give me strength and wisdom, and those that kick me in the ass when I freeze up or get too scared to act. The Morrigan is always pushing me out of my comfort zone, not because She’s mean, but because She wants me to realize my own potential. She knows what I am only learning- I am capable. And despite Her reputation, She has shown me a lot of patience. I am forever thankful.

So, if you are interested, please keep an eye out for more changes, more services, classes and goodies. If you’d like to support me, you can do so by utilizing my skill set, or you can buy me a coffee over at ko-fi, and there’s even an option for monthly support. I will eventually be adding some incentives to that! But a service like ko-fi makes it possible to keep services at a lower prices, and allows me to reach out more to those who may not be able to afford it- all while keeping true to myself and not devaluing myself. I've got an education, I've got training, I've devoted a lot of time and energy to developing myself so I can be of service to The Gods and to the community.


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