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3 Card Tarot Spread-Mind, Body, Spirit

3 Card Tarot Spread-Mind, Body, Spirit


The 3 card Tarot Spread is intended as a quick guide to some "going-ons" in your life.  The cards drawn will give you a message about your mind, body and spirit.


What you get:

A full summary of your spread, in pdf include a picture of your pulled cards.


After your purchase, you'll get an email and link to a document, but this isn't your reading. It's a simple placeholder while I do your reading. When your reading is done, I'll email you the full PDF within 48-72 hours (please remember I have a family and responsibilities) I will email you the results. If I need more time, I'll give you a heads up.




This is for entertainment purposes only! It is not meant for legal, medical or any other sort of professional advice. I'm not a doctor or psychologist. I am not responsible for any actions you take based on the reading.  Readings are intended only as intuitive insight from a different perspective.  Use common sense, and trust your own instincts.


All readings are final.

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