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It's OK.

This is the start of a new series of blog posts- my mediation series. These posts are ones I have written after a meditation, asking the Gods for guidance on what to share. It might not be cohesive at times, it might be very random.

We all need a friend. We all need support.

One of the things I’ve noticed in my own spiritual journey, as well as in my work as a priestess and spiritual companion is that validation often comes into play, whether we want it to or not. I don’t know how many times a session begins with “I don’t care what others think…” but almost always follows with a “…but…”, perhaps not in words, but in seeking…


Sometimes I notice people want MY validation, as someone they respect. In my own spiritual companion, sometimes I greatly desire to be granted words of validation. “You did well.” “You really thought that through.” “You are very strong.”


Sometimes I want to hear “You botched that one, huh?” or “Well, you fucked that one up.” That never comes, because in the end, I don’t need to hear it- I already know it, and I know it will be ok. Perhaps that’s the difference in confiding in a professional rather than a companion. We know, usually, what needs to be said, and what doesn’t. After all, we spend a lot of time talking to our Gods.

Meditation provides us with quiet and clearing. This allows us to listen.

My gods have never been like “Man, you are terrible. Can’t you get anything right?” If I’ve heard those words, it’s been from myself. When we are open and honest with ourselves, we know without anyone telling us that something is wrong. And the same is said when we are reflecting on our lives, our situations. We know. Even when we hide from the answer, the truth, in our hearts, in our spirit/souls…we know.


Recently, I had a seeker ask to end a session early. This person had talked a lot, without me interrupting on a situation in their life. And I could see the truth that they were dancing around as plain as day. I’ve seen it for a while, but I would never give advice, I would never tell anyone what to do. I can only encourage listening and examining what’s going on. How they are reacting and why, and how much of the situation is in their control and how much isn’t. I feel like during this session, they came to the realization of a truth. Something resonated, something hit hard.


“Is it ok, if we end this a little early? I think I need to process everything I just said.” I don’t like ending early, as I wish to value a person’s time, and money. But in this case, I felt I needed to let that go. This person needed that time. I emailed them later, hoping to validate them a little- You are strong.


There’s very little we can NOT endure, in truth. Oh, it’s hard, it sucks, sometimes if feels like the world is ending when things are going so wrong- how can it not be ending? Humans are resilient. Some people don’t like that word, that concept, but that’s the very nature of humans. We are adaptable. We press forward, one step at a time sometimes. In moments of fear, we fight or we flight- neither reaction is wrong.

A sunflower grows tall despite the wind. It adapts and gains strength as it grows.

The hardest lesson in life, I think, is remembering that life is hard at times. There’s no denying that truth. We live, we lose. Nothing is permanent. We are not permanent. Humans are ephemeral. This is why we must love hard, embrace joy and beauty. This is why when we get knocked down, we almost always get back up. Because we have to. Obstacles, hardship, pain…we grow from these things. I think of flowers- ones that are raised inside, protected- if they aren’t exposed to wind and direct sun- they are weak. They wilt at the first sign of change. Flowers grown in the wild, grown under the sun and the wind constantly blowing- they are strong.


And it’s ok to want a little validation to that. Whether it comes from friends, family, priests and priestesses, professionals…or the Gods themselves- it’s ok to want to hear the words- You are strong. You are amazing. You did good.

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