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Things had been really good, and yet, I was struggling a little to connect to Samhain this year. There were probably a few reasons, things I won’t get into here, but it seemed like no matter what, I couldn’t even bring myself to connect with the season as I usually do. I didn’t want to decorate, and anyone who knows me, knows I love to decorate for Halloween and Samhain. I wasn’t even looking forward to my fire, or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. It was only after I got my fire started, relaxing and saying a few prayers and making a few offerings that I felt connected once more, though briefly.

I didn't want to spend the season frozen and disconnected!

Fast forward to earlier last week and contemplating Solstice/Christmas after our Thanksgiving feast and the same feeling of disconnect was sitting there. A few big breaths and I knew I had to do something. Disconnecting for a season happens, disconnecting for two seasons meant something was going on. I know myself, I’ve made a point of understanding my rhythms.

Hence the idea for 21 days to the Solstice (#21DaysWinterSolstice) was born. For me, deliberate, intentional actions can help me get back to my balanced self. And exploring what the season means to me is actually a huge part of helping myself reconnect to a season that I both love and struggle with at times. One of my worst habits is attempting to be a passive character in my own story. Sometimes, I have to just take action, even if it’s just a step or two in the right direction.

I wanted to share this with others. I know that I’m not the only one that gets lost in the seasons. I think for many new people on a pagan path, figuring out what the season is and isn’t can be hard. Do we simply read a book and understand the definition, or is it something we have to figure out for ourselves? We’re all different, on different paths, different traditions with different likes, dislikes, and histories. Heck, even our environments are different. I only know Winter with snow and cold- a warm, green Winter (particularly Solstice and Christmas) is incredibly difficult for me.

And I know those familiar with the path can struggle too. Life can beautiful but it can also bring struggle, overwhelm, and disconnection. Life changes and evolves, and so to do our beliefs. So why is this season important to us? What made it special in the past, and what makes it special today? What has changed?

(And yes, I’m using the term Christmas here because I celebrate both the solstice, which is the spiritual day for me, and Christmas which is a secular day in which we celebrate family togetherness.)

The point of #21DaysWinterSolstice is to get to know (or re-know) the season on a personal level, to explore your own beliefs, symbols, associations, as well as explore the shadow aspects of both yourself, and the season/holiday. Every day is a journaling prompt, although many days are meant to be used in conjunction with an assigned action- an activity or meditation. There’s even at least one predetermined craft! (Hint: Order some fillable ornaments -this is an affiliate link-now!)

Beautiful, and yet, chances are, I'm not hitting the snowy forest anytime soon. So how can I connect to the true nature of the season?

I’m hoping even those not new to the path can find this useful. Under the weight of responsibility, current political climate, crazy environmental climate, stress and just overall “things feel bad” around the world (or at least, that’s how I’m feeling these days), having a guided way to connect is something I think anyone can use to destress and connect to whatever spirit of the season calls to you.

Don't worry if you think 21 days is too many, or that you won't have time. With any of the work I share, I tend to give a number of days, but honestly, you can do things at your own speed. I think allotting at least 20 minutes to each prompt is a good idea, but some might take a few minutes, and some might take a lot longer. Do what you can. Maybe a few prompts won't appeal to you! And don't think this is meant for anyone on a specific path or tradition- I think anyone looking for a spiritual connection to the season can use this guide!

I will also be producing supplemental materials- meditations, thoughts, and additional questions throughout the 21 days- you can find those my Instagram, or the #21DaysWinterSolstice hashtag on Instagram, as well as the FB group Liminal Ravens. So be sure to follow along in those places!

I hope this helps anyone who needs that reconnection, so that you can enjoy the season, no matter how you celebrate it. I give you this pdf, trusting in the spirits that guided me to write it, that someone out there needs this, and finds some peace and healing with it.

Download it here!

21 Days to the Solstice
Download PDF • 1.98MB

There are over 14 holidays celebrated around the world in December, so with Love, I say Happy Holidays, friends!

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