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An introduction, of sorts...

I thought I’d start this blog with a bit of an explanation of who I am and what this space is. I’m a polytheist fire witch, and a priestess of the Irish Goddess The Morrigan. And this blog is my space to share thoughts, experience and my own sacred journey, as well as a part of the service I give to my gods.

Here I want to share meditations, prayers, sacred moments, rituals and much more. I want to provide tools for the development of your own sacred journey, as well as share my own journey. Spiritual companionship, which is something I will delve into later, is all about the sharing of journey. I am currently working towards my certification in spiritual companionship (also known as spiritual direction and/or spiritual accompaniment).

I want to share the joy of being a pagan woman, a pagan mom and a priestess. I want to inspire. I want to help others give permission to themselves to forgive, to live, to dance and sing and follow their hearts and the longing of their soul. And honestly, after a long time being a stay at home mom, I want to create a future for myself driven by my passion of spreading spiritual fulfillment to others. Not only is it something I believe in, but I believe part of the person I am called to be.

In this space, I’ll be blogging about the gods, and pagan life. I’ll share the beauty of nature- I enjoy hiking, gardening and camping, and sitting under the evening sky with a fire. It is here I find a deep connection to the Universe and Nature. I'll share my thoughts and my own ways of how to go about "doing the work"- that is, the building of relationships with deity and spirit, exploring spirituality and growing as a pagan person. I’ll share tools- journaling prompts, art, and music, and hopefully much more.

Hopefully it’ll be a fun place and not too serious, though I intend to keep things real, so there will be some serious topics. Most importantly, I hope to join the many voices out there for polytheistic, pagan peoples learning and relearning a path lost to us, helping others to to find their way.


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