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February Updates

I’m going to be trying to do something a tiny bit different this year. While I really enjoy blogging, struggling with ADHD and focus can limit my ability at times. I haven’t learned how to do a newsletter yet so I’m simply going to do a monthly update. So what’s coming up for Liminal Raven Ministries?

I graduate in March! This is exciting! I’m ready to take on new clients, and the clients I had this year are welcome to stay with me if they so choose. This does mean an exchange of money will take place- my services are not for free. However, I still stand with my decision to be heart based. I don't believe that spiritual matters should be left to only those who can afford it. Nor do I believe that I should lack compensation for my time, energy and skill set! (This goes for everyone, particularly artists, writers and anyone frequently being made to feel like they are not worth compensation!) Please talk to me if you are interested in Spiritual Companionship, we will find a way to make it work that honors both of us!

I’m hoping to offer a few classes soon. Finding a suitable time is the hardest part, particularly with an odd schedule like mine. Right now, the plan is a vision boarding class, a beginners journaling and shadow work class, and a visual arts meditation class (aka, visio-divina!) All my classes will be on a sliding scale as well. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for more information. On top of that, I'm hoping to start a weekly or monthly coffee chat, for free, as a place to just get together and talk all things spiritual, witchy and Divinity.

Speaking of FB, and Instagram, I’m on both platforms. On FB, I have a small but growing community called Liminal Ravens, which I’m working to keep relatively active with meaningful discussions each week. Join us if you’d like a quiet, yet supportive group of people to stand behind you! I'm also considering becoming more active on Ko-fi.

Living in Magick is COMING SOON!

I’m very close to finishing up edits for Living in Magick: Everyday stories of Magick, Paganism and Witchcraft. I needed a few more pieces to round out the book, which my contributors have kindly volunteered to work on. That deadline is very close, and then my co-editor and I just need to finish the editing. I’m hoping to have the book up for pre-order by March! Again, keep an eye on my social media for that announcement!

I think that’s all for February. It promises to be a busy month for me, which is a good thing. I hope it’s a good month for you as well! After 2022, I think many of us need a few months and years of blessings and kindness.


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