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Good Bye 2021

I wanted to end 2021 with a ritual- something simple and easy. I posted this to my instagram, but figured it also belonged here.

Spend some time with a pen and paper. Something you can destroy. Have a candle and somewhere safe to do some burning, like a burning bowl. Or a fire. You can list things one by one, so you can cut them and burn them one by one, or do it all on one piece of paper.

Light a candle, and quietly breathe for 5-10 minutes. Longer if needed. Clear your mind.

Look back on 2021, and think of the disappointments. Write them down.

Think of the things the held you back, and write them down.

Think of some habits that hurt you, and write them down.

Think of the people in your life who didn’t support you, and/or caused you harm. Write their names down.

If you have other things you’d like to let go of, banish or release, write it down. It can be failed goals, missed opportunities, bad memories from 2021, illness, things that made you angry, hurt or depressed. Unload if you have to.

Now cut the paper, either each item one by one, or just tear the paper to shreds. As you do, speak the following.

"No year is perfect, and these things I didn’t need. I didn’t want, and rather than let them fester, I burn them away so that I am free. I release these things, and in doing so, I make space for bigger, better, more desired and wanted things, the things I need to grow and be happy. I make space for the tools I need to succeed and create a better year for myself."

Carefully, burn your list. (Safety tip, always have water or a cover for your burning bowl ready!)

Once everything is burned to ash, toss the ashes in running water- whether that be your toilet, a moving river/creek/stream, or bury them somewhere off your property. If none of that is possible, feel free to toss them in your trash- just make sure they are no longer hot (in fact, I’d mix them with some water, for safety’s sake).

Now, go and run a bath, with your favorite herbs and oils. I’d use my favorite bath bomb. Do it your style, if it includes water safe crystals and gems, by candlelight or with soft music. Relax, and open yourself to growth and possibility.

When you are done, purify with some smoke of your choice- I will normally use cedar and rosemary, and if I have any special intentions, a smoke blend to match.

Go and enjoy something to drink- water is a good choice to hydrate, something warm is also perfect, after you get dressed in some comfortable pajamas (if you are staying home) or nice clothes (if you are going out. Please stay safe) and welcome 2022.

No matter what this year may bring, I welcome 2022, and pray that my troubles, and the world’s troubles, slowly ebb away. May we find joy, may we find laughter, may we be surrounded by friends and love. May we grow, our roots digging deep into the earth, and may our hearts and spirit be open to possibility. May the Gods (God- Universe- whatever your belief is) smile upon us, and may we smile back.


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