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Summer Updates

This is just a short update of what’s going on over on my end.

Living in Magick is published, as you know! You can get your copy here, or on Amazon. (Let’s be honest, buying from me directly is better for me. Amazon royalties aren’t the greatest. However, it’s all good either way, I just want my book out there!)

If you read it, could you review it? It would really help me out. Amazon has that thing set so that it's only after a certain number of reviews does it promoted in people’s “for you” pages! So getting reviews ends up being important, particularly for tiny authors!

I’ve announced my next call for submissions- tentatively titled Parenting in Magick- you can get all the details here! It’s open to parents, caregivers and relatives of kids, people who love kids, and of course, those of us who were kids once and had magickal upbringings. Consider submitting some stories, and I’m also looking for art/photography! I have not decided if I’ll test the water of using Amazon’s new lower priced colored print options. I would like to, but keeping the book affordable is important to me.

Summer is a busy time- while I had hoped to be able to work more during the summer, there’s just a lot planned for my family and me. We've already taken a couple of trips, and have two big trips coming up- one to Vegas, and one co-trip to The Smoky Mountains, and then to North Carolina. Postings (which are normally slow anyways) will be slower than normal, and I have less availability in my schedule for bookings. But I will be back in September!

I'll be adding some classes, including a spirituality and writing class, appointments and more. Speaking of appointments, while I'm in "vacation" mode- aka, no additional appointments are being taken at this time, I will have slots open end of August, with a few new options- group spiritual direction, mentorship options and more. I'm really looking forward to all these things, though I'm enjoying my summer time- the rest of the year is super stressful and a different type of busy for me and my family. Having this time to be busy in a more enjoyable way is really nice- it's a form of healing and strengthening our bonds.

Thanks for reading!

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